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All forms and regulations for your dissertation

On this website you will find all the necessary forms concerning doctoral studies at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.


  • Make all entries digitally by keyboard, as these are easier to read than handwritten entries.
  • If possible, submit all forms, attachments and copies printed on one side (DIN A4). This also applies (as far as possible) to folded DIN A3 prints (e.g. school leaving certificates). Please submit the individual pages in DIN A4 format.
  • As far as possible, refrain from stapling, stapling or otherwise fixing forms or attachments (official certifications are excluded). Therefore, please submit all papers as loose and sorted as possible.
  • If this is not possible for you (e.g. in the case of sealed documents, etc.) this is not a problem for the processing of your case. The PhD Office accepts all formats. However, it will make it easier for us to process, digitalise and file your documents if you take the above points into account.

The PhD Office thanks you for your support!


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