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Bachelor’s programme exam regulations

New exam regulations (2018 exam regulations) for the bachelor’s and master’s study programmes have applied at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities since the winter semester 2018/19. The previous exam regulations were revised in collaboration with the student representatives on the Faculty Council. In particular, these new regulations take account of a number of the criticisms expressed during the student protests across Germany in recent years and offer improvements.

If you have questions about the exam regulations or module handbooks, please contact the academic advisors for your subject. 

Module handbooks

The study programmes comprise modules, which in turn comprise thematically related and coordinated classes. Module handbooks have now replaced study regulations. The module handbooks provide information on all requirements and learning objectives of the modules.

Archive and regulations that are being discontinued

If you began your studies before the winter semester 2013/2014, you may of course complete your studies in accordance with the old version of the exam regulations. The study programmes continue to exist but the underlying exam regulations have been updated, meaning that final exams cannot be taken in accordance with the old versions of the regulations indefinitely. You can find more information on the page about regulations that are being discontinued.

Older versions of the exam/study regulations and module handbooks:

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