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Professional development - Paving the way for your professional future

In all bachelor’s study programmes in the humanities and cultural/social sciences at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, a large proportion of each course is reserved for your personal profile development, giving you the freedom to gain key qualifications in preparation for your career or insights into other subject areas, complete an internship in an occupational field or attend language courses. The possibilities are endless! Where do you want to go?

A great opportunity to expand your horizons!

Johanna Kreulinger, Student

The seminars I attended as part of my profile development enabled me to find out where my strengths lie and what I might like to do in the future. 

Leon Schmidt, Student

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

In the majority of bachelor’s study programmes, you need to gain 18 Credit Points in professional profile development courses. Exceptions to this are the Transcultural Humanities and PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) bachelor’s study programmes. Professional profile perfection courses are optional for the first of these two study programmes and do not form part of the second study programme. The same applies for one-year master’s degree programmes. You can read about the conditions for two-year master’s degree programmes in the subject-specific annex to the exam regulations for master’s degree programmes.

The majority of professional profile perfection courses listed in HIS-LSF are open to all students. However, there are exceptions. You can find more detailed information about admission restrictions under “Target group” on the pages for the individual courses in HIS-LSF.

No, you are not obligated to do so. You can choose which courses to take.

In principle, there are no rules about the semester in which you should attend professional profile perfection courses. However, many study plans or module handbooks contain information about when it is best to take specific courses. This information should be viewed as a recommendation and you can make your own decisions.

You do not have to take exams in the professional profile perfection courses. However, you do need to obtain proof of academic achievements. The individual instructors decide what students need to do to obtain the certificate for a course. This may involve giving a presentation, submitting a piece of written work or performing some other kind of task. You can often find more detailed information under “proof of academic achievement“ on the pages for the individual courses in HIS-LSF.

Yes, that is possible. You just need to ensure that you achieve a total of 18 Credit Points (exceptions: B.A. PPE, B.A. Transcultural Humanities and master’s degree programmes).

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