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Training for study tutors

Are you going to become a study tutor for your course? Do you want to be well-prepared for this role?

Study tutors at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities can undertake a two-semester module to gain didactic training in preparation for their role. On completion of the module, you will be able to plan your study tutorials independently in accordance with teaching/learning objectives, present content in an appropriate way and develop appropriate tasks. You will reflect on your role as a student teacher and be able to evaluate the content and didactic aspects of your study tutorial.

As a result of a collaboration involving seven universities in the Rhine region (the “Rheinländischer Verbund”), you will not only receive 5 CPs towards your interdisciplinary compulsory electives, but also a certificate (German only) of completion of the tutor training programme offered by this organisation.

The module starts every September and is completed at the end of the lecture period in February. Please get in touch by e-mail in good time if you are interested in taking this module.

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