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Lehrsituation im Seminar

Mid-level academic staff

Mid-level academic staff elect individuals to represent their interests within the Faculty. The mid-level academic staff of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities also meet at regular intervals to exchange important information and elect representatives for bodies and commissions – all mid-level academic staff members are cordially invited to get involved.

The representatives keep all interested mid-level academic staff members informed via their e-mail distribution list. To be added to the list simply send us an containing your name, position and institute with “mid-level academic staff distribution list” in the subject.

Mid-level academic staff representatives

Marliesa Komanns M.A.
Building: 24.51
Floor/Room: 01.29
+49 211 81-14844

Dr. Jasmin Pfeifer
Building: 23.21
Floor/Room: 04.050
+49 211 81-12913

Mid-level academic staff representatives on the Faculty Council

PD Dr. Kathrin Dreckmann
Building: 23.21
Floor/Room: 01.101
+49 211 81-13679

Dr. Farina Marx
Building: 24.21
Floor/Room: 06.68
+49 211 81-15856

Dr. Gregor Zons
Building: 37.03
Floor/Room: 00.21
+49 211 81-15877

Niklas Norbert Wiskandt M.A.
Building: 23.21.
Floor/Room: 04.081
+49 211 81-11939

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