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Master’s study programmes

In a master’s degree you can choose between

  • integrated study programmes
    in which multiple subjects are combined and
  • single-subject programmes
    in which you study one subject in greater depth.

A master’s study programme always builds on another already completed degree or diploma. The so-called “evidence of special aptitude” is a further condition for admission. You can find more information in the aptitude test regulations.

It is research-oriented, imparts the current international status of knowledge in the corresponding specialist field and teaches you how to apply subject-specific methods. Within the framework of your subject, you will learn to conduct independent academic work as well as critically evaluate and further develop subject-specific findings, methods and theories. A further objective of the programme is to encourage independent and analytical thinking, personal responsibility and dialogue/teamwork skills through the independent study of academic questions and self-organised realisation of research projects.

In almost all master’s study programmes at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the standard period of study is two academic years up to completion of the final master’s exam. The only exception is the “European Studies” programme, which is a one-year course.

You can find further information on enrolling for a master’s study programme here (German only).

Current master’s study programmes at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

You can find further information on the individual subjects, course content, admission conditions and professional perspectives in the University’s central course database.

Here you can find information on the following master’s study programmes at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

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