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Bachelor’s study programmes

In a bachelor’s degree you can choose between

  • integrated study programmes in which multiple subjects are combined and
  • major-subject study programmes where a major is combined with a minor subject, i.e. you study two subjects.

A bachelor’s study programme provides basic knowledge and key research results in the subjects studied and teaches you how to apply scientific methods. You will learn the independent acquisition and critical evaluation of scientific theories and methods. In addition, you will be taught how to work independently in theoretical, empirical and practical fields. The main objective of a bachelor’s study programme is to develop your powers of judgement, ability to express yourself and interpersonal/teamwork skills.

Current bachelor’s study programmes at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

You can find further information on the individual subjects, course content and combination options, admission conditions and professional perspectives in the University’s central course database.

Here you can find information on the following bachelor’s study programmes at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

Major subjects

Minor subjects

Integrated programmes

Virtual taster courses

Virtual taster courses offer you the opportunity to gain an initial impression of the teaching at Heinrich Heine University. You can find various recorded lectures and seminars from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities here. It is of course a bit different to sitting in a lecture theatre with lots of other students and experiencing the occasion live, but the taster courses allow you to gain an initial impression of what topics await you.

Get a virtual taster of campus life

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