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Schwarzes Notizbuch auf dem Write Ideas steht, daneben liegt ein gelber Bleistift

Writing Advisory Service of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Advice on difficulties and problems during the development of a written academic paper (term paper, study paper, essay, Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis ...), in addition to the content-related supervision by the lecturers.

Target group

Students of all subjects of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

All counselling sessions are confidential!

  • Monika Beck M.A.
  • Writing advisor
  • +49 211 81-10372

  • Building: 24.52
  • Floor/Room: U1.24

Writing advice from A to Z

  • Citation rules
  • Continuous guidance throughout the writing process
  • Dealing appropriately with internet sources
  • Development of individual problem-solving approaches
  • Feedback on written work (only on extracts, e.g. introduction, individual chapters or outline)
  • Finding a topic and developing a scientific problem or research question
  • Formal design of written work
  • Formulation uncertainties and difficulties
  • Helping students to improve and revise their texts independently
  • Planning appropriate work steps
  • Preparing for the next writing phase
  • Principles of scientific work
  • Recognising and avoiding plagiarism
  • Structure and outline of a scientific text
  • Stylistic and linguistic design
  • Time management
  • Working techniques
  • Writer's block and motivation problems
  • ...

Even if your individual request is not listed here, it is worth asking at the writing consultation.  

Depending on the stage of your work and your needs, you are welcome to bring along any documents you may have or send them in advance by email, for example drafts, (un)finished pieces of text, etc.

Open consultation time

Every Tuesday from 4 to 6 p.m. - also during the lecture-free period!

Building 24.52 Room U1.24 (black building behind the ULB).

Registration is not required in presence mode. Because no appointments are given, waiting time should be calculated in.

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