The categories "Age" and "Ageing" are gaining a high relevance in society as well as a tremendous attention in the different fields of science because of the demographic development. Age(ing) is not only a biological and social fact but also a cultural one. It is the distinctive feature of the Research Initiative "Age(ing): Cultural Concepts and Practical Realisations"  that it assumes an integrated concept which interconnects scientific discourses from the arts and humanities, social, legal and medical as well as economic fields of study. It is the aim to examine age(ing) as a result of knowledge and cultural practice and to develop strategies for productive forms of dealing with age(ing). By analysing and reflecting on historic and current discourses, sense and coherence of life, body and society can be consciously processed and prepared for the implementation into practical applications. A marked desideratum exists, however, with regard to transdisciplinary research – which joins natural, medical, legal and cultural scientific discourses – and its mediation.

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