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Welcome to the
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Imagine diving deep into the world - into different languages and (hi)stories, arts and cultures, political cultures and societies. A place where you experience diversity, develop new ideas, negotiate the best arguments and perhaps even fathom what holds the world together at its core - yesterday, today and tomorrow. Welcome to the world of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities!

Prof. Dr. Ulli Seegers, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Welcome to us!

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is the Heinrich Heine University’s second largest faculty at Heinrich Heine University with itsand encompasses 12 departments (excluding research institutions), over 25 degree programmes and has around 10,000 students. A complex combination of historical, philological, philosophical and social science disciplines offers a wide range of choices within the subjects. Due to its practical orientation as well as the recognised research and teaching activities of internationally renowned academics, the Faculty of Philosophy Arts and Humanities has an outstanding excellent international standing in the academic world.

  • Philosophische Fakultät

  • Dean´s Office
  • +49 211 81-12936

  • Universitätsstraße 1
    40225 Düsseldorf

  • Building: 23.21
  • Floor/Room: 00
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