Hanno Sauer (Utrecht): The Argument from Agreement

Date / Time:
02.05.18   /  12:30 - 14:00

Institut für Philosophie

24.21.03 Raum 86


Im Rahmen unseres Philosophischen Kolloquiums laden wir herzlich ein zu einem Vortrag von 

Hanno Sauer (Utrecht): The Argument from Agreement


In this paper, I argue for two claims:

  1. There are no moral disagreements.
  2. This is bad rather than good news for realism. 

Hanno Sauer is an Assistant Professor of Practical Philosophy at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. His research focuses on empirically informed metaethics and philosophical moral psychology. He has written numerous papers on the psychological basis of moral judgment and its normative implications, and three books on the nature of moral reasoning (Moral Judgment as Educated Intuitions, MIT Press 2017), the epistemology of moral judgment (Debunking Arguments in Ethics, Cambridge University Press 2018) and the significance of critical thinking for moral cognition (Moral Thinking, Fast and Slow, Routledge 2018).  He is currently working on the psychology, political philosophy and metaethics of moral progress.


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